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Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Indonesia's democratic values ​​fail

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Jakarta, - economist Rizal Ramli said, democracy in Indonesia reached failure. This is because the data Voters Indonesian Institute (LPI), which mentions the poverty rate in Indonesia since 1999-2012, have never experienced a drastic decline.

"Democracy has failed, the poverty rate is still high, as are the number of social disparities," said Rizal in the 'surgical presidential candidate 2014: who the reformers, who is not?' in Cikini, Central Jakarta, Sunday (05/26/2013).

Data from LPI said in 1999 Indonesia's poverty rate reached 23.4 percent, and in 2002 the poverty rate declined to 18.2 percent. Since 2002-2005 the poverty rate only dropped no more than 2 percent. Likewise on until the year 2013.

According to Rizal, this is proof of democracy in Indonesia has failed to achieve its goals. In addition to the poverty rate, unemployment rate is still quite high.
And according, Director of Voter Indonesian Institute (LPI), Boni Hargens said that democracy in Indonesia experienced a very sharp decline.

Based on available data, from 1972 to 1998, the democratic system in Indonesia scored 5 of 6 means the value was in the best position. However, in 1995 until 2005, the democratic system in Indonesia to get the value of 3.5 which means it will crash.

Subsequently, in the year 2006 to the year 2013 the system of democracy in Indonesia scores only 2.5. This means that the system of democracy in Indonesia has declined sharply since the start of the democratic system in 1972.

"The democratic system we are fallen sharply today," Boni said after the event 'surgical presidential candidate 2014: who reformists, who does not?' At the Gallery Cafe, Cikini, Central Jakarta, Sunday (05/26/2013).

As you know, a few days ago even 15 years of reform in Indonesia. However, until now there is still a lot of significant change for the betterment of the nation of Indonesia.

As a research institute that uses the methodology of evaluation approach, LPI said is still very little figures that the values ​​of reformers.

Likewise with the democratic system in Indonesia, when all the countries in the world are racing forward system and the values ​​of democracy, Indonesia is actually declining quite sharply democratic system.

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