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Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Forum MSG expected, approve Papua As a Permanent Member

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West Papuan Suport MSG
Jayapura, Buctar Tabuni Chaiman West Papua National Parliament (PNWP) hope West Papua will be accepted as a member of the Melanesian Speardhead Group (MSG) by Melanesian countries will perform in New Caledoni pertemuaan, in June 2013.

"We the people of West Papua from Sorong to Samarai support the efforts made by the family of Melanesia to invite us, the people of West Papua to enter into MSG that has begun to take place on this day in New Caledonia," said Tabuni told reporters, yesterday in Jayapura.

Tabuni judge, and Papua are very worthy entry into MSG because members have been under colonial Indonesia for 50 years, and also has a large family living far away from Melanesia.

"We deliver a lot terimkasih for leaders Melanesian countries that are already invited us in West Papua and Timor Leste to enter into MSG and joined the Melanesian big family," she said.

Dorus Wakum, human rights activists in Jayapura also hoping MSG members can assign a member of West Papua, Indonesia and later issued as a monitoring team in the forum.

"If Papua confirmed members, then Otomatasi Indonesia will not take part in the forums anymore MSG, and will officially be issued," said Wakum.

By. Arnold Belau - Suara Papua

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