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Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Since April 2013: Four shot dead Papuans

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Benny Giay, Socrates Sofyan Yoman dan Matius Murib Saat Konferensi Pers Beberapa Waktu Lalu. (Jubi/Arjuna)
Baptist Foundation of Papua Papua claiming since April 30 to May 22, 2013 there were four civilians who died were shot.

Papuan Baptist Foundation Director, Matthew Murib in his press release said the alleged perpetrator of the witness testimony Armed Forces / Police. Three people died during the events of 30 April at 21:00 CEST in Klalin Road, Village Aimas, District Aimas, Sorong, West Papua.

The three that Abner Malagawak 22 years, indigenous Moi was shot in the right chest. Thomas Blesia 22-year rate Teminanbuan eyebrows shot in the back of the head. Klabin mother 37 years Solomina indigenous Moi was shot in the abdomen, thigh and right calf. Was treated at the Hospital Se Be Solom Sorong and eventually died.

"The fourth victim was a 26-year-Arton Kogoya Lani tribe was shot on May 11 at 09.30 CET on ODOT Road, RT / RW 01/06, Wamena District, District Jayawija," said Matthew Murib, Tuesday (25/6).

In addition he said there were four injuries from shootings and beatings were critical as well as 34 other people who are victims of arrest and 21 of them undergo the legal process.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Synod of the Church of Papua Kingmi, Rev.. Benny Giay hope that the military / police adopted a new approach to assess because so far it was more repressive approach.

"Military / Police often hinder or forcibly activists, human rights defenders and those who fight for the political aspirations of the Papuan independence. Not included in the independent aspirations of Papuans brain suddenly. It exists because of the experience of the Papuans treated unfairly over the years, "said Benny Giay.

For that it has asked the military / police no longer use repressive approach because of the desire of the Papuans want independence does not happen suddenly, but through the interaction of people Pupua with Indonesia for years.

"Where the continued violence that the Papuans feel not part of Indonesia. Papuans are positioned through policy and unfair treatment. Indonesian people used too. Sokarno and Bung Hatta against the Netherlands not because of a dream or a sudden there were told. But Dutch unfair treatment. So I hope the military / police and provide space to accommodate the aspirations of the Papuan people, "said Benny Giay.

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