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Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

The idea of ​​the Presiden SBY, the Special Autonomy of Papua Plus Unconstitutional

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Jayapura, HolandNews,-- Plan of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and Governor of Papua Luke Enembe encourage the birth of Special Autonomy for Papua Plus spark controversial.Papuans see the idea is more a political move very embarrassing shambles and unconstitutional. 

The idea is clearly injure the 1945 Constitution, particularly Article 5 Paragraph (1), Article 18, Article 18A, Article 18B, Section 20, Paragraph (1) and paragraph (5), Article 21 Paragraph (1), Article 26 and Article 28.The idea has violated the mandate of MPR RI No. XV/MPR/1988, Decree No. III/MPR/2000, Decree No. IV/MPR/2000, Ketetepan MPR No. V/MPR/2000 and also Decree No. VIII / MPR / in 2000.It is said Executive Director LP3BH Manokwari, Yan Christian Warinussy to SP, Monday (10/6) morning.

 According to Yan, the fifth The Act is the legal basis of birth to the policy on Special Autonomy for Papua Province.Therefore, the desire of the President and the Governor Enembe form a real plus as Autonomy Act (Act) the Government of Papua is unconstitutional.Why unconstitutional? Yan said, state officials have violated the rights of the Papuan people to conduct a thorough assessment of the conduct of the Special Autonomy under Article 67, Article 77, and Article 78 of Law No. 21 Year 2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua Province

."I invite all the people of Papua to immediately take legal action by filing a class action lawsuit and preparing legal action to the Constitutional Court against the Government of Papua New Law is being designed at this time," said Winning International Award in the Field of Human Rights "John Humphrey Freedom Award" from Canada in 2005. 

Therefore it is very wise if Cenderawasih University and University of Papua immediately make academic studies on policy perumusaan Autonomy Plus plan is none other than the Papuan government legislation.The Right FormulaMeanwhile, the Governor of Papua Province, Luke Enembe the closure of the Special Meeting (Rakerdasus) in the Office of the Governor Dock II some time ago, said the Special Autonomy Plus is the right formula in managing a comprehensive and integrated Papua."The struggle that we do this is an exact formula in managing a comprehensive and integrated Papua.  

We all have to believe that the formula SAF SAF Plus or extended or Papuan Government Bill, that's what we have to do, "he said.According to the Governor Enembe, Autonomy Plus is an admission of the state to the Papuan children, to manage special government unit.Otsus Plus is a country that already contained the promise of Article 18 Constitution-1945. 

Where 12 years have passed with the Papua Special Autonomy, sheet by sheet, SAF has provided a positive change for Papua.He continued, changes in Law No. 21 of 2001 was conducted in order to fix various vulnerabilities associated with the concept of decentralization policies in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, to develop and provide broad authority to the government and people of Papua and aspirations to process, dinamiki development, governance and culture in Papua in concept of asymmetrical autonomy in the Homeland.In addition, give positive and constructive direction and reduce ambiguity setting authority in Law No. 21 of 2001.According to him, the vagueness influential in many aspects of local governance, improve public services, create effective local governance and productive.

 "With the Special Autonomy Plus will create better public services, wealth creation and enforcement of fundamental rights of the people of Papua," said Governor Enembe.Basic ideas of Autonomy Plus, he added, is the implementation of a forward thinking asymmetrical autonomy. 
"That the legislative framework of regional autonomy in Indonesia's diverse provincial level can not be linear only wear one kind of government legislation Sar," he said.

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