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Selasa, 25 Juni 2013


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PNG,-- In the light of the Extradition Treaty signed between the Government of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, there has never been on record any citizen of this country living in Indonesia that would warrant such the action taken by both governments. 

UNHCR confirms over 9,000 West Papuan Refugees living in Papua New Guinea make up our demography; where a good number of them are wanted by the Indonesian government. 

It is very clear that the signed Extradition Treaty was initiated by the Indonesian government to extradite those wanted by their own government.

We must defend and protect our stock with reference to six (6) Melanesian societies that are part of the global community. They are; PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and West Papua. The signing of the extradition treaty will in no way protect our Melanesian brothers and sisters who deserve nothing less than their own political freedom.

The constant torture and killings of West Papuans by Indonesian soldiers across the border is very sensitive and an ongoing issue that cannot continue to be ignored whilst they seek refuge in our country. 

The Prime Minister is reminded that it is the job of the Opposition, not only to take the government to task on matters of National Importance after the event, but to even speculate and take pre-emptive action. This is based on the principle that prevention is better than cure. 

It goes without saying, that any person or a group of persons, who assume any leadership role on behalf of our people, must accept public scrutiny in both their public and private lives.

The demography of Papua New Guinea is also made up by the West Papuan Community, who are part of us and therefore it would only seem fair if the Extradition Treaty was pursued with their participation.

Public knowledge has it that Djoko Tjandra is a citizen of this country, confirmed by O’Neill in the media last week and that as a citizen of this country, he was not subject to the extradition treaty raising more suspicion who the extradition treaty was aimed at.

There are thousands of West Papuans living in PNG that do not have citizenship status, making them eligible for extradition if requested by the Indonesian government. 

Peter O’Neill must publish the contents of the Extradition Treaty that was signed in Indonesia for public consumption and dispel all misconceptions or be seen as an indecisive leader as history portrays.

We must always standby our principles even if we end up standing alone because political leadership in this country is not about the former MPs who defected to join the government, it is about 7.5 million citizens in this country, who deserve a government who will fight and defend them at all costs.


Approved for Release

Hon. Belden Namah, MP
Leader of the Opposition

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