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Senin, 08 Juli 2013

Fr Vincent: Church Calls for Humanitarian Crisis in West Papua

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Fr. Vincen Suparman
HolandNews,-- Church leaders in Papua must unite and involve his people in NGOs, SKP, campus and factions as well as the organs of movement in Papua to jointly called on the humanitarian crisis in Papua to the national and international level.
Father Vincent Suparman, SCJ, Wednesday (26.06.13) to Majalah Selangkah said, the churches in Papua must unite to call for the humanitarian crisis in Papua. Five bishops in Papua and the Synod of the Christian churches in Papua must unite.
"To be united and stand up to voice all sorts of inhumane acts that are being experienced by his people in Papua."
"Over 10 years of serving in the jungles of Papua, I saw the people there, in addition to live suffering economically, is still living under violence and pressure the Indonesian military. Uncertain future of Papua, Papuan people want to worship forbidden, wrote a book about Papua prohibited, record song demos Papua prohibited and would also be banned. All the activities are considered treason and prosecuted to the unjust persecution, "said Fr.
Father continued, the Papuans had many casualties, not to mention the occupation and the killing is happening in Papua. Then, he said, the Papuans should unite and fight for a peaceful life in their own country.
"I see, there are a number of problems in Papua was the root of the problem is the merging history of Papua to Indonesia," said Father who is now serving a church in Fort Thompson, the United States.
Father continued human rights violations in Papua, Papuan history due. Papuans Papuans claim history is not final because the referendum (the Act) in 1969 violated international law. While Indonesian Papua historical claims is final by the Act.
The solution according to him is through a dignified dialogue mediated by a neutral third party such as that encouraged by Father Neles Tebay through the Papua Peace Network.
"I think the voice of the people of Papua became the capital of the bishops and the Vatican for support," said Father Vincent of Amerikan States.
Father stressed, Papua everyone should care about the future of the Papuans themselves. "Do not just accept the fact poorly kept, there should be an attitude of resistance against all forms of colonialism. Relive the life and resurrection of the spirit of the era of 1961/1962 which had extinguished it," he said

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