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Senin, 08 Juli 2013


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MONTREAL RIZES UP!! What an amazing show, amazing crowd.. it all came together. Thankyou one and all. 3 powerhouse women rizing to the occasion, this is a particularly special moment, please take a moment to read why.

This weekend marked 15th Anniversary of the Biak Massacre in West Papua. The two women holding the Morning star (West Papuan) flag are Lea and Petra Rumwaropen, backing singers for Blue King Brown who come from Biak, West Papua. Whilst we were performing and using our platform to stand in solidarity in Montreal, global actions were taking place to mark the day. 

There was a citizens tribunal taking place in Sydney Australia, prepping a case for further investigations and course of action to bring the perpetrators of the massacre to justice. There was also street actions taking place London.. The movement is being Globalized, as Natalie states, "We are calling for the Globalization of Justice!"

Lea and Petra's family were forced to flee West Papua and their home island of Biak many years ago for fear of the their safety. The massacre which took place in Biak is unacceptable, we can not idly sit by and allow it. Petra states "Remembering the victims of the Biak Island massacre 15 years ago today...The dead cannot cry out for justice it is the duty of the living to do so for them.. #FreeWestPapua"..

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. to the audiences so far on the #RizeUp tour for choosing to raise your fists and stand in solidarity with us."
Respect... Lea, Petra, Natalie and Blue King Brown..

MERDEKA!  by Free West Papua

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