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Selasa, 02 Juli 2013

MP: Govt's efforts not comprehensive in handling Free Papua Movement

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Free Papua Movement (OPM) / Photo RCI
JAKARTA -  Government needed firm action to handle Free Papua Movement (OPM), a member of parliament said referred to the movement's celebration on July 1. He warned the goverment efforts in handling the issue were not comprehensive.

"Government can no longer hesitate to handle any movement led to the independence of Papua," a member of the House of Representative from Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Helmi Fauzy said on Tuesday.

Fauzy concerned that OPM now became stronger both domestically and internationally despite international community also publicly acknowledged Indonesian sovereignty.  He said, if police could not handle the issue then military force must take place.

Meanwhile, an intelligence analysts, Wawan Purwanto said government had spent fantastic cost worth 29 trillion IDR for the autonomy of Papua. So, now it is at the hand of Papuan government to tackle the issue.

Purwanto said, the Papuan issue had been exploited due to certain political agenda despite Indonesian government's efforts to develop Papua.

"The ball is at the hand of Papuan peole, either they want to get up or not. Now, their fate is governed by their own right in autonomy system," Purwanto said.

Reporter : Ira Sasmita/Ahmad Islamy Jamil/Mutia Ramadhani
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