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Minggu, 10 November 2013

Benny Giay : People Do not Ask Papua Special Autonomy Plus , But Political Dialogue

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Papuan Protest
Chairman of the Synod of the Church of the Gospel Tent ( Kingmi ) in Papua Pdt . Dr. . Benny Giay said , people do not meinta Papua Special Autonomy Bill PP and Plus but peaceful dialogue .

He considered , Jakarta misconstrue the problems that occurred in Papua by providing PP and Autonomy Bill Plus or UP4B .

" Government Bill and the Papua Special Autonomy Plus itukan copy paste . I ask the government ; governor , MRP and Jakarta must repent and return to the right path in dealing with the problems that exist in Papua , ' he said in Abepura , Jayapura , Saturday ( 9/11 ) .

Cenderawasih University ( Uncen ) , he said , should perform studies and analyzes are neutral , not likely to seek out projects from the last government made ​​a unilateral analysis for the interests of the ruler .

" We know it's Papua region is an area of conflict to manage bill PP and Autonomy Plus it must involve masyarakaat , governments , students and some leaders in Papua , not arbitrarily made ​​the unilateral legislation like that, " he said again .

Alluding to a number of elements Youth Student Movement and the People of Papua ( Uproar ) were arrested while protesting the draft Regulation and Autonomy Plus last week , he asked the authorities to release them .

" They talk about the people and their interests are not actually anarchists officials should know that. The country is a democracy , everyone is entitled to his opinion , " he said

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