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Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Conflict in West Java Dominated SARA

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Ilustrasi SARA
West Java (West Java) nuanced conflict prone SARA (ethnicity, religion, and race). Based on data from Kemenkopolhukam RI, of 69 potential conflicts in West Java, 45 of which racial background.

In fact, compared to other provinces, religiously tinged conflict potential in West Java. Lasting Menkopolhukam Sulistiono Secretary said, to anticipate them, need to be integrated coaching at a number of points that are considered vulnerable.

The coaching is done by forming a team consisting of all local officials. By doing so, he believes, any problems can be resolved in a comprehensive manner.

"If only addressed the police, could arise again. Why? Because the roots are not complete, "said Lasting as reported by Radar Bandung (Group, Monday (14/7).

Any lasting regrets the situation in West Java because not all districts / cities have an integrated team to anticipate the conflict. Currently, he said, only 17 districts / cities in West Java which already has formally integrated team.

'Maybe not yet know what kind of clarity. But usually associated budget as well, because it is very sensitive. But it should not be so, because the team is unified in order to encourage the orderly and safe area, 'he said.

In addition to demanding areas to form an integrated development team, it claimed continued to provide guidance so that the entire area could soon form a unified team, in addition to tapping the potential vulnerabilities that exist. 'We came here for assistance, so do not hesitate to form a unified team, "he said.

Lasting more to say, other than the integrated team to be owned, according to the district / city must have a vulnerability map. This is because each region has a different vulnerability maps.

"Vulnerability map is important," he said. In the same place, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said, a sense of security to be part of the public welfare.

So, this should be a top priority, which is to anticipate early on. "If it happened medium category, the anticipation must be one level above it. Security is very important, should not be ignored, "he said.

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