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Selasa, 03 November 2015

Papua Governor Concerned: 10-20 Years Papua native of the Land's Missing

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Papua Governor Lukas Enembe /jubi
Jayapura, Jubi - The transmigration program to Papua discourse by the Minister of the village, of Rural Development and Transmigration, Marwan Jafar called carry the threat of depopulation of the native Papua
"We have rejected the central government's transmigration of this discourse. If you want transmigration, yes local transmigration alone. Instead of Java or other areas outside of Papua.Poor people move to Papua is the same as bringing the problem to the Land of Papua. Not only economic issues, employment and social issues, but I am concerned, transmigration will make Papua native could be lost from the land of Papua is within 10 to 20 years into the future, depopulation Papua native, "said Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe to Jubi, at the residence of the governor, in Jayapura, Saturday (10/17/2015) night.

The governor added, until today no one pihakpun have accurate data on the amount of native Papua in Papua. So how to protect native Papua if transmigration continue without one pihakpun know Papua native population?
"We are still struggling with problems of education, health, infrastructure and empowerment of Papuan People. Transmigration will add to the problems of local government. Especially if it's brought in people who do not have the expertise that does not benefit the development in Papua this, "said Enembe.
Early September, Minister Marwan Jafar repeated attitude "head stone" against the statement of President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Instead of supporting the statement Jokowi who want to stop the transmigration program in Papua controversial, Minister Marwan instead said it would expand the transmigration program in Papua. He said the program sends the poor from a solid to a minimal population - which is also equipped with money and granted land - has been proven to be "successful" in Merauke.
"Merauke can be considered as a border region that has been successful in implementing the transmigration program and the development of agricultural land in eastern Indonesia," said Marwan told reporters in Jakarta.
Marwan added Merauke is a "haven for migrants,". He estimates that 275,000 people have been moved to Merauke since Indonesia's annexation of West Papua in 1969.
He mentioned the transmigration program would boost production while supporting the government's plans to develop 1.2 million hectares of rice fields in Merauke, under the project Merauke Integrated Rice Estate (Victor Mambor)

Source news: Tabloid Jubi

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