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Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Press Statement by British Ambassador Mark Canning on Free West Papua

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Protest Papuan
In response to the instruction by Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs, Bapak Joko Suyanto, to summon British Ambassador to Indonesia over this issue, Ambassador Mark Canning said:

 “I look forward to explaining our position on a subject, which we recognise is a sensitive one to the Indonesian Government.

As we explained to the Indonesian Ambassador Mr Thayeb in London on Friday (3/5/13) the views of Oxford Council, and indeed Mr Wenda, should not be taken as reflecting those of the British Government.

The Council, like all councils in Britain, is free to support whatever causes it wishes. They are not part of government. They are not directed in any way by the government.

The views of the UK government are well known. We regard Papua as part of this country and want it to enjoy the same peace and prosperity as other parts of this nation.

We do, however, share the sentiment expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pilay on Friday (3/5/13) when she said that there are human rights concerns which need to be addressed. I am of course aware that efforts are under way to try to improve this, as well as to address issues relating to economic and social development, and we fully support them. We keep in touch with all those who are trying to move Papua forward, including the new Governor, who I met last week."
Orginal Statement:  British Embassy Jakarta (Note)

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