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Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013


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Holandia News,-- Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua (PNWP) Buchtar Tabuni assess Papua Police did not respond to the letter administrative professional in KNPB demo which was held June 10 plan later.
"Police are not professionals in response to the notification KNPB rally support in Melanesia Papua enter Sparehead Group (MSG)." He said, in a press conference at the cafe Prima Garden, Abepura, Jayapura, Papua (8/6).
Not professional, according to the former chairman of the National Committee of West Papua, lies in the way police handle KNPB letter. "If we submit pemberirahuan honorably, responses should also be professional, respected by mail," he said.
If the police respond through the media, impressed demo KNPB submit plans through the media. "If through the mass media, the response must also be over the mass media," he said.
Buchtar Further, if the response to a letter KNPB done through the mass media, police gave the impression of being provocative. "If appropriate mechanisms reply, letter by letter certainly no problem. If not it be like this media prpokatif, "he said.

KNPB reply letter from Papua regional police in the form of a letter published in the daily news of paradise Post and several other local media, Saturday (8/6). "Police did not give permission, will remain KNPB demo," the daily headline news in the Paradise Post.
Previously, Indria Fernida, activists KontraS to Jubi, Saturday (08/06) warned about the freedom of expression situation in Indonesia is quite alarming, particularly in Papua.

"We consider that the official visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression urgently needed given the situation of freedom of expression in Indonesia is quite alarming. 
Legalization plan CBOs and state secrecy bill that threatens civil liberties, criminalize the parties critical of government policies, as well as violence against journalists and human rights defenders is an ongoing threat to freedom berekpsresi portrait in Indonesia. "Said Indria.  

More Orginal news: Jubi / Mawel.

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