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Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013

S.Sofyan Yoman : Church Can not Pressed with a money

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Shurch Leaders S.Sofyan Yoman
Holand News Wamena - Chairman of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Papua (PGBP), Pdt. Socratez Duma said Sofyan Yoman, Papua Baptist Church has three main principles, namely, independence, autonomy, and independence by.

"Baptist Church also has Severabilityprinciple between church and state, so we have absolutely no relationship with the government and the country."

It was announced Yoman when giving information to journalists, at Zion Baptist Church Building, Wamena, Papua

Yoman just wonder if the Church was asked by the government to enroll in the Department of Religion, or at the National and Political Unity Agency (Kesbangpol).

"How could the government would set the Church founded by God himself on solid rock, it's a big mistake, and the people be damned if the church play," he said in a hard tone.

Yoman who has served as Chairman of the Fellowship Baptist Church of Papua during the two periods is confirmed, the Church must do the change of the system state is oppressive and discriminatory, in a spirit of partnership.

It is said, if the partners said the government, then it should be obvious, because the church is usually subdued after being given money by the government billions.

"For Baptists, if you want money, go ahead, if not also do, because the Baptist church has never received money from the SAF to the present government," he said.

However, Yoman also said that, if there is a person on behalf of the Chairman of the Synod of the Baptist Church and received money from the government, that's fine, because he was as Chairman of the Synod PGBP legitimate SAF never received funding from the government.

"You see thousands of people who were present at this time, it is the people of God, I want to say that the church could not ditundukan with billions of dollars of money, the church must make a change-the change to the system that oppresses the country," he concluded.

There is a separation of church and government insolence, the mission of his ministry, the Church is not biased and are regulated by the State government, the church became jutru steering and guiding morality that the government has in serving the community.

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