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Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Nduga conflict, Fear Papuans Activity

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Nduga HoldNews,-- Residents in the District Nduga society, Papua Province, afraid to move out of the house after a long conflict between the two ethnic groups in the area not finished since March 23, 2013.

"Currently, there are no residents gardening. No children to school or civil servants who work in Kenyam, Capital District Nduga because all fear the move since the tribal war," said one resident Nduga, Bernard Kogoya in Jayapura, Papua , Thursday (06/06/2013).

He confessed, he along with several co-workers and family has been in the town of Wamena, Jayawijaya since last month and are still afraid to return to work in Nduga.

"I had a month in Wamena. Serving No aircraft regularly to Kenyam, except charter. I, brothers and co-workers are still afraid to go back there because there is no guarantee of security," said the man who worked as a civil servant Kesbangpol Nduga District.

Since reportedly killing one of the officials Nduga in Wamena district, he added, the tense atmosphere in the immediate vicinity Kenyam and improved. "All the residents on guard, suspicious of each other mutually. They are afraid to attack each other because there are no government official was killed", explained Bernard.

Sekrertaris General Nduga Students Association of Indonesia (IPMNI) Ronal Lokbere also confirmed it. "My parents and my brothers had to flee to Nduga surrounding areas such as Wamena, Jayawijaya, some even go straight to Sentani, Jayapura regency," he said.

Ronald address this issue long handled and addressed by all parties involved, it is not impossible nets wheels of government in the District Nduga certainly would grind to a halt.

"Well, if the government is slow to respond, then the expansion is expected to lead to the prosperity of the people Nduga certainly did not succeed because of the ongoing conflict of interest," he said.He hoped that the Papua Police and the military immediately right down and help mediate the conflict that is going on in Nduga that has spread to the surrounding area.

"If the government does not succeed menyelesaikanya Nduga. Papua Provincial Government and the Central Government should take immediate action. Do not let people become victims. Said Papuans want to take it forward from behind why there is no immediate problem in sikapi," he said, sounding annoyed.

Nduga conflict triggered the problem started because the determination of the amount of the district coordination meetings, constituency (electoral district), the final voters list (DPT), and the number of seats on the board for the 2014 General Election on March 23, 2013 and in one of the leading hotels in the city of Wamena, Jayawijaya.

When the meeting that was held by the local Election Commission, there is no common ground between the parties Nduga Parliament (Legislature) and Regent Nduga (Executive) about changes to election 2014. Ends, talks tough and physical violence ensued. As a result, the District Head of Administration Nduga Gwijangge killed Justin hit a sharp object.

Since then, there has been a war began to be reported in the tribal village Yilekma with 1 person dead, dozens of homes burned, hundreds of people were injured. This problem has also been trying sought to be resolved by the parties are competent but not finished.

So the tail, the problems spread to other areas, because on May 29, 2013 a member of the local parliament Nduga reported killed allegedly because of the problem.

"All we know, now there are 7 people have died because of a conflict of interest. Dozens of homes burned, hundreds of people were injured due to tribal wars. Nduga and government activity in gridlocked alias is not running," added Ronald.

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