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Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Human Rights: Freedom of Expression Not Better Jakarta from Papua

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Jakarta: As the capital city, Jakarta turned out no better than Papua. Studies Institute survey and Advocacy (Elsam) in 5 provinces, freedom of expression, socio-political dimension, religion, and culture in Jakarta is worse when compared to the conflict areas such as Papua.

In the survey, compared with 4 other provinces, Jakarta was the lowest position of freedom of expression, both socio-political, religious, and cultural. Jakarta gain of 60.41 points. While Papua is above Jakarta with 66.67 points.

"Jakarta is complex., Where convergence of ethnicity, religion, and also the interests of each individual. Violations in Jakarta was very influential for poor freedom of expression," said researcher Elsam, Wahyudi Djafar at the Hotel Ibis, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/6 / 2013).

"In addition, also remained intolerant groups intimidating the journey of freedom of expression," he added.

He said that freedom of expression can give rise to poor people intolerant, as it also happened in West Kalimantan. "Well that's happened to the intolerant stronger so it becomes a challenge for the citizens of West Kalimantan brekspresi freedom to practice," said Wahyudi.

The first position of the province with the most excellent freedom of expression achieved by West Kalimantan, followed by West Sumatra and Papua with the same points 66.67 points. Are under Sumatra and Papua, namely Jogjakarta with 62.50 points and 60.41 points at DKI Jakarta.

The survey was conducted in October-December 2012. While the data collection was done in August 2011-August 2012.

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