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Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Member of Parliament Indonesia , Freedom of Expression in Papua silenced

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Agustina Basik Basik dan Yorrys Raweyai saat menggelar jumpa pers di Kantor ALDP (Jubi/Musa)
Jakarta,-- Commission I of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) said freedom of expression in Papua are still hidden. The Government is still assessing the civil society in Papua is not ready.

Member of Parliament, Yorrys Raweyai said the central government fears that civil society is not yet ready in Papua dialogue are wrong. Since the first civil society in Papua is ready. Throughout there are still stigmas separatist approach and apply it rather difficult OPM Papuan problem solved. "It trauma. 

If we are in Jakarta is free. However, freedom of expression in Papua still hidden at all, "Yorrys after breaking the fast with NGOs and media personnel in the Office of Democracy Alliance for Papua (ALDP) in Padangbulan Abepura, Jayapura, Sunday (28/7) evening.

According to him, it is a process. "I, think it's not a new discourse. It has long stood the test of first and many people have become victims, "he said. Furthermore, he said, how the society in Papua stecholder force capable of doing and got together to be able to perform denial. Because, in the rejection of the system difficult to talk about.

"MRP when it agreed to the DPRP stay again, what is hard," Civil Society in Papua should be able to educate as is currently done by JDP (Papua Peace Network) Camon groun to how to encourage dialogue. And especially back to steckholder in Papua, especially civil society itself.

Meanwhile, Agustina Basik Basik members of the House of Representatives Commission II said, should be the resolution of the Papua issue of common concern. One of the best solutions is through the path of dialogue. By sitting together, one after the Papua issue discussed and resolved.

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