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Rabu, 06 November 2013

Reject Autonomy Plus , Police Arrest Dozens of Papuan Students

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Jayapura Thursday ( 7/11/13 ) , Jayapura Police arrested a number of student activists in front of the Papuan People's Assembly ( MRP ) King City Jayapura advanced staged rejection of Special Autonomy Plus .

Demonstration rejection of Special Autonomy Bill Plus Papua and West Papua held Student Executive Board ( BEM ) of the Faculty of Social Uncen , Uncen Engineering , Medicine Uncen , Umel Mandiri , STIKOM Muhammadiyah . They are members of the People's Youth and Student Movement ( Uproar ) Papua .

Student activists who were arrested were Jason Ngelia , Septi Meidoga , Samuel Womsiwor , Alfa Rohrohmana , Alparis Kapisa , Yali Wenda , Philip Ribahar , Aaron Rumbarar , Agus Rumaropen , Pepuho Claus , Abraham Demetou , Terryanus yando , and Paul Magai .

Currently , the activists secured in Jayapura City Police for questioning .

To , one MRP members , James Dumupa said , legitimate aspirations delivered .

" Reject Autonomy Plus there is always the action . However , can come directly meet MRP , legislature , and governor . We will convey to the leadership and will then be submitted to the Governor and the other parties , " he said .

Meanwhile, the Honor Council MRP , Waine Francis said , " We were surprised by the ade - ade because there was no letter . We as parents have received and asked the police to deal with them in order to disperse. We talk to the police and to not hit others. MRP leaders are also not in place , so we just talked represent no mandate , " he said .

BEM members Stikom , Francis Takimai , said it continued action . He said he regrets the actions of the security forces are always brutal and repressive face of all the actions taken by the people of Papua .

"If our comrades were not released today , we will do the mobilization of the masses more and occupied the city of Jayapura , " he said .

Head of Ops Jayapura Police Station , Kiki Kurnia said , " This action does not have a permit , so korlapnya arrested . Upon inspection will be sent home . "

Known , the action of the students who accompanied the arrest of the action is the action continued in the office of the Governor of Papua and action pemalangan Uncen Campus

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