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Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

Tragic: Demi Kepno Tortured to death by police in Jayapura Papua

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This chronology of witnesses HS (Family) claimed the deceased was not involved in the clashes in the market Jotefa Abepura jayapura.

 HS (girlfriend) that the victim last saw the victim was still alive when told, on Wednesday, July 2, 2014, around 9 pm, he and the deceased (Demi Kepno) out of the house in Kamkey, and met in eye-Jalan Bina Marga, Kamkey.

Then, with his victim toward Hypermarket, Black Land, which is located not far from the eyes of Highways road. Suddenly, they are in coming to an Avanza car tinted, and stopped right in front of them.

From inside the car avanza out some people who dressed thugs, then forced the victim arrested for climbing car parked not far from the hypermarket. Later, the victim was taken to the Police Station Yanmor black Land for questioning.
After the victim below, HS and then ride motorcycles to motorcycle Kamkey base, and met some people who were hanging out.

Then HS said, "You know at Demi Kepno?" Then answered by some of the youth, "you know, the kaka." Then HS said that Demi Kepno just below the police to the police station Yanmor Black Land.

Based on this information, "Our family has been under the assumption that sake, but when he got there, the victim was tortured to death," said HS.

"This incident makes the family was surprised, because we heard that the deceased had been in the hospital Bhayangkara," said Tera Kepno, one of the victim's family told the media, after the funeral ceremony in the afternoon.

It is said, from the results of the examination, the victim died of stab wounds with a sharp object, persecution and gunfire wounds in the lower back.
"Therefore, we ask the police to immediately conduct an investigation into the death of Demi Kepno brother, and uncover the motive behind the death of our brother," said Tera.

"In my family we grew up in Jayapura study, felt there were irregularities in the death of our brother, because we know the family of the deceased was not involved in the case Youtefa gambling market, and at the time it happened, the victim with his family at home," he said.

  Two days later, the family received information that the body of the deceased was dikamar Bhayangkara Hospital.

  "When we took the bodies in the Police Hospitals without cause of death information. Our question kelurga victim, the deceased was escorted to the hospital in a state Bhayangkara dead or still alive? And driven by whom, and using what type of vehicle? "Said Tera.

In accordance with the print media Cepos, Friday, July 4, 2014, one of the actors in the interrogation at the police station Yanmor Black Land to fight with the police, so that led to the death in question.

"We questioned the victim's family to the police, whether in the post Yanmor interrogation in accordance with the standards or not, and a member of the appropriate rank in charge of the investigation there or not, and we do not accept the victim's family that our brother is said to be involved in the events in the market Youtefa, and Family
Please advocacy all parties "said Tera

Sourse: Suara Papua

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